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Within minutes you are reachable on a fixed phone number, at which you can choose from over 55 countries worldwide. Would you like to continue using your current number? This can be done by porting this number to your 12Connect account. Would you like to use the 12ConnectVirtual PBX? Within five minutes you have everything arranged and will be active immediately!


A few simple steps!

To use our services, you must first create an account. After you filled in the name and address details, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This mail contains the account information necessary for registering, your IP phone or modem. Customers within the Netherlands, when creating an account, receive automatically a free 085 phone number. With this number you can receive incoming calls. This number is for testing purposes only and remain the property of 12Connect BV.

If a customer wants to use this number for other purposes, this will be entered into a agreement with contract of one year with a monthly / yearly fee. After the expiry of the agreed contract period the customer is free to port the number to another provider.

What is required?

Hardware and/or software

There are many different devices available that allow you to call or receive incoming calls with your 12Connect account. Maby you already own a modem with the correct IP telephony connections or a DECT unit that supports IP telephony. Visit our support page to check if your equipment is suitable for IP telephony.

It is also possible to use your computer or your phone call. This can be done by using the software called Softphone. Some examples can be found on our Softphone page. Note: the sound quality of a Softphone stongly depends on the microphone, the speakers and the internet connection you use.